*** SOLD *** 1969 Columbia 36

$32000 usd

1969 C36 1969 C36 1969 C36 1969 Columbia 36 1969 Columbia 36
1969 C36 1969 C36 1969 C36 1969 Columbia 36 1969 Columbia 36


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  • Hull

    glass reinforced plastic

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  • Engine

    Universal 30hp

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1969 Columbia 36

Dive compressor
Rainman watermaker
2 x 60 pound gas tanks
Professionally installed solar with 3000 watts inverter
Lithium batteries, (you can use anything 24 hours a day)
110 wash machine
New marine 16,000 btu air conditioner
New raymarine ev learning autopilot with a remote control
Mantis anchor with a remote control windlass
New professionally maintained universal 30 hp with a $4500 reversing maxprop

Sails are in great shape and have 2 of each and a spinackre
Rigging was tuned last year
Bottom cleaned with new bottom paint job last month.
New cushions last month
Stove is a massive 4 burner stainless range for a home

The boat has a mooring, it is the first mooring from the Luperon docks, it is a double screw, there is nothing like it in the bay. it was built for a famous youtube couple who planned on living there till they became pregnant.

The boat is registered in Michigan.

Seller's Description:

We set this boat up for making people, and specifically women, comfortable. We have a normal two door refrigerator and a normal american washing machine, Dominican and Haitian women cook hard root vegetables 3 times a day, the commercial cook top has a 3 ring burner that cooks them in 15 minutes and the range hood removes all the heat from the stove, We have a compressor with a 75 foot hose so the girls can experience scuba in beautiful Cambiaso, The huge 110 normal house fans can run all night on the lithium batteries, every night, the fridge makes ice day or night in about a half hour, microwave curling irons can be run day or night, boat has instant hot water for showers and dishes and has a huge normal shower, the toilet is an electric macerating head, it is a regular sized toilet with a regular toilet seat, there is no quicker deal breaker than manually dealing with human waste, This is the absolute first boat from the docks, the double screw mooring means the boat can stay on the mooring safely for any hurricane. The last hurricane we were in my girlfriend slept 11 hours straight while boats were dragging past us. we honestly never run the air conditioner, the D.R. just doesn't get that hot, we don't use the water maker either. but all the other appliances can be run at the same time, and when you want water you just message the marina and they deliver water for 50 pesos per 5 gallon bottle, that's about $1, a lot of men come here thinking women here will be so enthusiastic about dating a foreigner that they will just jump on a boat and for the most part women do not enjoy living on boats, this boat is set up as a comfortable home, that also sails, a lot of guys are getting women that really take advantage of them and that is just not the norm here, these women are amazing, what the guys are running into is women that are living like cave people with tiny 12 volt fans, no hot water, weird outdoor showers, alcohol stoves that take an hour and a half to cook a simple plantane verde and manual toilets where you are interacting with feces, if you dehumanise a woman they can get a little weird on you, I've been working with the local navy and dominican red cross for years so they don't hassle me taking good girls to the boat, there are laws prohibiting it but it's cocher if you're classy about it, we entertained friends and whole families comfortably, the boat has a waterproof matress on deck for top side sleeping. it has actual remote control's that hang off your wrist for the autopilot and the anchor and the door is just a regular door like a house. security cameras come with the boat and you can pop them open from anywhere in the world in real time, the exterior has 110v security lights so bright the entire bay uses them for navigating when there's fog. this is a narrow boat so it sails like a canoe, newer boats are wider for more interior space but the sail suffers greatly as the footprint in the water becomes more of a fishbowl than a waterline, the 69 c36 is a top 10 for every true sailer. We had a fresh bottom paint job last month and had new cusions made for fun, the boat has a $4500 max prop that feathers to zero resistance when sailing and fully reverses so you are driving with a reverse facing prop so there is no propwalk, she runs backward as smoothly as forward, the diesel engine was just professionally rebuilt and starts up the first second every time. the winches were just replaced with lewmars self tayling winches, and all controls are brought back to the cockpit for single hand sailing, The solar and wind generator were professionally installed and are capable off running everything in any sun conditions, we bought the hotel 3 years ago and 3 years later there is ice and cold wine every time we go for a sail, everything is completely automated. and the lithium batteries mean never checking water. She is a one of a kind!


Columbia C36, 1969 Original Specifications:

Hull Type:     Fin w/spade rudder
Rigging Type:   Masthead Sloop
LOA:    35.75 ft / 10.90 m
LWL:    27.75 ft / 8.46 m
Beam:    10.50 ft / 3.20 m
S.A. (reported):  556.00 ft2 / 51.65 m2
Draft (max):   5.42 ft / 1.65 m
Displacement:  12,000 lb / 5,443 kg
Ballast:   5,000 lb / 2,268 kg
S.A./Disp.:   17.03
Bal./Disp.:   41.67
Disp./Len.:   250.69
Construction:   FG
Ballast Type:   Lead
First Built:   1967
Last Built:   1972
# Built:   400
Builder:   Columbia Yachts (USA)
Designer:   William Crealock
Fuel:    29 gals / 110 L

Sailboat Calculations Definitions

S.A./Disp.:   17.03
Bal./Disp.:   41.67
Disp./Len.:   250.69
Comfort Ratio:  26.84
Capsize Screening Formula:  1.84
S#:    2.17

Rig and Sail Particulars

I:    41.80 ft / 12.74 m
J:    15.00 ft / 4.57 m
P:    34.70 ft / 10.58 m
E:    14.00 ft / 4.27 m
S.A. Fore:   313.50 ft2 / 29.13 m2
S.A. Main:   242.90 ft2 / 22.57 m2
S.A. Total (100% Fore + Main Triangles)   556.40 ft2 / 51.69 m2
S.A./Disp. (calc.):  17.04
Est. Forestay Len.:  44.41 ft / 13.54 m
Water:    33 gals / 125 L